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Some facts about Eve'n Alan
Eve'n Alan is the artist name of Eva and Alan Vejr, a couple born in former Czechoslovakia, living in Sweden and performing all over the world. Their sofisticated magic is both exciting and entertaining. Eve'n Alan have been professional artists in 30 years with engagements in 22 countries at some of the most prestigious and exclusive casinos, hotels, varieties and night clubs.
Among others in:







Agadir, Sahara Hotel
Amsterdam, Blue Note
Bangkok, Honey Club
Barcelona, Mr. Dollar
Cairo, Auberge des Pyramides
Copenhagen, Valencia
Dakar, Casino de Cap Vert
Forges les Eaux, Grand Casino
Gothenburg, Liseberg
Geneve, Ba-Ta-Clan
Hamburg, Hansa Theater (15x!)
Haifa, Theater Club (4x)
Hollywood, Magic Castle
Jerusalem, Congress Palace
Karlovy Vary, Hotel Termal
Las Vegas, Royal Casino,



MS Dana Gloria
MS Tor Britania
MS Dana Regina
MS Stena Danica
MS Tor Skandinavia
MS Stena Jutlandica
MS Stena Germanica

MS Stena Scandinavica
MS Kronprincessa Victoria

Leeds, The Good Old Days TV
Madrid, Florida Park
Nagoya, China Town
Osaka, Gold Club

Paris, Tour Eiffel (3x),
Le Milliardaire
om, Gatto Pardo
Rotterdam, Granada (2x)
antiago de Chile, Sheraton,
Stockholm, Nya Bacchi Wapen Stuttgart, Sommertheater
Tokyo, Crown
ürich, Bernhard Theater,
Zürich, Terasse (3x)

Sweden (4x)

Cirkus Scala
Cirkus Skratt
Magic Circus